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AWS Plugin does not contain all instanceType values

I am trying to setup a resource template to use an AWS instanceType of m4.large, however I'm noticing that the resource template screen does not include this as one of the instanceType options. There are other instanceTypes that do not match with what AWS is offering now as well.

The current available instanceType values from AWS are the following: "t2.micro" "t2.small" "t2.medium" "t2.large" "m1.small" "m1.medium" "m1.large" "m1.xlarge" "m2.xlarge" "m2.2xlarge" "m2.4xlarge" "m3.medium" "m3.large" "m3.xlarge" "m3.2xlarge" "m4.large" "m4.xlarge" "m4.2xlarge" "m4.4xlarge" "m4.10xlarge" "c1.medium" "c1.xlarge" "c3.large" "c3.xlarge" "c3.2xlarge" "c3.4xlarge" "c3.8xlarge" "c4.large" "c4.xlarge" "c4.2xlarge" "c4.4xlarge" "c4.8xlarge" "g2.2xlarge" "g2.8xlarge" "r3.large" "r3.xlarge" "r3.2xlarge" "r3.4xlarge" "r3.8xlarge" "i2.xlarge" "i2.2xlarge" "i2.4xlarge" "i2.8xlarge" "d2.xlarge" "d2.2xlarge" "d2.4xlarge" "d2.8xlarge" "hi1.4xlarge" "hs1.8xlarge" "cr1.8xlarge" "cc2.8xlarge"

avatar image By david 131 asked Apr 13, 2018 at 07:52 PM
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Yes, it looks like these values are hard coded in the plugin. I'll create a defect ticket to get it corrected. In the meantime, if you have appropriate permissions, you can hand edit the plugin to correct this yourself.

  1. Navigate to the plugin: Automations> Administration> Plugins > EC-EC2

  2. Navigate to the procedure: API_RunInstances

  3. Edit the Custom Procedure Property, ec_parameterForm

Under the <propertyType><instanceType>, you will find option blocks like:


You can add or remove these as you like.

avatar image By gregm 2k answered Apr 13, 2018 at 08:09 PM
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avatar image david Apr 17, 2018 at 08:26 PM

Thanks Greg! I was having a hard time finding the location of the properties that populate the menu! This will work just fine in the meantime =)

avatar image david Apr 17, 2018 at 10:26 PM

Uh oh! It looks like I spoke too soon. While this works for the API_RunInstances procedure, it still does not update the GUI selection when you try to create or update a template through the web UI.
I've just gone ahead and run an ectool modifyResourceTemplate command to manually change the instanceType value to m4.large.

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